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 You can click here to preview the class schedule for the 2016 Fall semester. btn next small


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SOM Dan2 200Welcome to the Calvary Houston School of Ministry website. We are so excited about what God is doing here at the School of Ministry. It is our calling and mission to help train and disciple young men and women, who have a hunger and thirst to know God, and a desire to serve Him in a greater way. If that is you, or even someone you know, then the first step is to find out what we are about. That is what this website is for. Check it out. Read all the information available and after that, if you are still interested, or have more questions, feel free to contact me. I would love to speak to you and hear what God is doing in your heart or in the heart of that young man or woman you know. May God bless your desire to follow after Him with all your heart, and Lord willing, may it lead you to the Calvary Houston School of Ministry!


The Lord's best to you,

Pastor Dan Loaiza
Calvary Houston School of Ministry